GNA Forces Clash in Southwest Tripoli


A number of residents stranded southwest of Tripoli appealed to officials to intervene due to clashes in the area. They asked to be evacuated after some homes were struck with bullets, and their windows shattered due to the proximity of the fighting. There is also a major power cut in the region.

Armed clashes erupted between the Zintan battalion, led by Emad Trabelsi, and a battalion from the ‘Zawiya Force’. This occurred near the 7 April Camp, in the Al-Sarraj area of Tripoli. Sources have said that armed confrontations included medium weapons.

The sources claimed the clashes erupted due to the inebriation of one of the Zintani men, known as “Salem Al-Balaizi”. He is believed to have quarrelled with a group belonging to the ‘Zawiya Force’ battalion. The sources added that armed reinforcements arrived from the city of Al-Zawiya towards Tripoli. They confirmed that the situation calmed down in front of the 7 April Camp, after ‘Al-Quwa Al-Mushtaraka’ intervened to resolve the conflict.