Libyan Army: No Foreign Fighters Within Our Forces


The General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) said on Saturday that there are media outlets affiliated with the Government of National Accord (GNA) that are working to destabilize the situation in Libya.

The LNA added that such media outlets have claimed that foreign mercenaries seized some public buildings and schools in the city of Houn under LNA control, which is contrary to the truth.

The General Command stated that these media platforms are spreading rumours based on lies and fabricated allegations that have no basis in truth.

The LNA confirmed that it blesses any rapprochement between the Libyans in order to end the country’s crisis on all levels. It emphasized that it is putting its capabilities at the disposal of the Libyan people to make the Libyan solution succeed in order to agree on successful solutions based on national constants and good intentions.

It confirmed that there were no foreign mercenaries in its forces at all. The LNA General Command stated that the LNA’s 128th Brigade stationed in Houn conducts patrols to protect the facilities and ensure the security of public and private properties as well as the safety of citizens.

The LNA warned the GNA militias not to take any aggressive action targeting its sites. It explained that there is confirmed information that criminal and terrorist militias linked to the GNA are planning to carry out an aggressive and provocative act prior to their attack on the Sirte-Jufra line and the positions of the LNA forces.

The General Command indicated that the LNA was able to monitor the mobilisation of militias near the specified separation line, and that this was preceded by advanced militia reconnaissance operations.

The LNA renewed its commitment to the ceasefire in order to lead the political process to success and to remove the opportunity for forces benefitting from the chaos.

“Our forces are on standby and are fully prepared to respond to any provocation or adventure targeting our forces and our positions,” the LNA General Command added. “We also call on the other party to put an end to the indolence of its militias and stop their provocation, and to stop spreading rumours and lies about fake ceasefire breaches by the LNA,” it added.