Tuareg Tribes Denounce UNSMIL’s Political Dialogue Committee


The Social Council of the Tuareg tribes in Libya denounced the method and manner in which the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) selected members of the political dialogue committee.

In its statement, the council said that “the absence of Tuareg, Ghat, and other representation is prejudice and marginalization”.

The statement expressed the council`s hope that “The exclusion was not deliberate against an original component of the Libyan people as this contradicts what the UNSMIL Acting Head Stephanie Williams stated, in that the selection will be inclusive of all components and regions”.

It pointed out the council’s adherence to the peace agreement signed with the Tebu and to “coexistence based on mutual respect with the nation’s partners.”

On Sunday, UNSMIL announced 75 names to participate in the political dialogue forum to be held in Tunisia on 9 November.

It pointed out that they are “From different cities and regions of Libya, and they represent all political and social groups”.