Libyan Prosecutor General Issues Arrest Warrants against GNA Officials


The Investigations Department of the Prosecutor General’s office, headed by Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, continues to issue orders, summons, and arrest warrants against Libyan officials on charges of corruption or mismanagement of public funds.

This has long been the focus of discussions among populist circles in Libya, which complain of wide scale and rampant corruption throughout the country. Libya’s economy has greatly suffered from corruption as its state budget has been exhausted, its exports slashed, and its deficit reached new heights.

The latest anti-corruption move by the Investigation Department was the referral of the head of the Municipal Guard in Ain Zara, on charges of abuse of power, to the Misdemeanour Department of Souq Al Juma’a Local Court. The Head of the Social Welfare Fund Committee, at the Ministry of Interior, was also imprisoned for breaching his job duties.

The Deputy Ministry of Finance, and the Director of the Accounts Department at that Ministry were referred to the Indictment Chamber of the South Tripoli Court, on corruption charges. The Department also ordered the arrest of the General Administration of Production’s General Director from the General Electricity Company (GECOL). The latter case relates to charges of negligence in disbursing public funds.