UNSMIL Calls for Pressure on Mercenaries to Withdraw from Libya


Acting Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, (UNSMIL) Stephanie Williams urged foreign countries and organizations to facilitate the withdrawal of mercenaries from the war-torn country.

Williams told CNN that about 20,000 foreign fighters remained in the country. She added that they continue to operate in the oil-rich country, despite the Libyan parties’ agreeing to their departure last month.

“In terms of size and numbers, I estimate them at about 20,000 occupying either totally or partially about ten bases on Libyan soil. The Libyans spoke, listen to them, they made it clear as they set a 90-day deadline for the foreign fighters to leave the country. It was ambitious, but this does not make it less than a legitimate Libyan request or less binding on the countries and organizations that brought these mercenaries to Libya,” Williams stated.