UN to Deploy Ceasefire Observers in Libya


Faraj Al-Sousa, a member of Libya’s Joint Military Committee (JMC) said that international observers will be deployed by the UN after the reopening of the coastal road.

He noted on Sunday that military engineering teams will begin removing mines from the coastal road, in preparation for the withdrawal of vehicles from the front lines, and the opening of the road between Brega and Tripoli.

Al-Sousa stressed the importance of the commitment to expel mercenaries from Libya. He called on all countries sponsoring the Berlin Conference and Geneva ceasefire agreement to support the departure of all foreign forces from Libya.

He added that the UN will deploy an unarmed mission to observe the ceasefire. The JMC will ask the Security Council to deploy these observers after the coastal road is cleared.

On Saturday, the JMC welcomed the appointment of new executive authority in Libya.