COVID-19 Vaccine To Arrive in Libya by March


On Monday, Deputy Head of the ‘Scientific Advisory Committee to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic’, Suleiman Abu Serweel confirmed that a vaccine shipment will be available by the end of the first quarter of the year.

In a press conference held at Tripoli Central Hospital, Abu Serweel said that the COVAX facility had been contracted to provide 2.8 million doses of the vaccine, enough to fully vaccinate 1.4 million citizens.

He pointed out that the target group for vaccination campaign are people over the age of 60, and those suffering from chronic diseases. This is in addition to medical staff and assistive medical teams. He explained that 55,000 doses of the vaccine were provided from the American company, Pfizer. In addition to more than 920,000 doses from the British company, AstraZeneca.

Abu Serweel added that the Committee is working to conclude other agreements with several companies that manufacture vaccines, similar to the one entered into with COVAX to provide further doses.