New Libyan PM Vows to Form Technocratic Government in Libya


On Monday, Libya’s Interim Prime Minister-elect Abdel-Hamid Dabiba vowed to form a technocratic government that would oversee the country’s affairs until elections scheduled for the end of 2021. He noted that the government would be formed after three weeks, before being put for a vote of confidence by the Libyan Parliament.

“There will be fair representation of all segments of the Libyan people and all regions, but the focus will be on technocrat goals,” he added.

Dabiba confirmed, “we will work to bring different perspectives closer to each other in order to hold elections without violence, war, or resentment between cities. One of the priorities will be combating the COVID-19 pandemic. We will exert our utmost efforts to vaccinate the Libyan people.”

“We will also take care of daily-life difficulties such as power outage, healthcare, and daily obstacles. We will also consider [the formation of] reconciliation committees and mull the idea of drafting a constitution with the Presidency Council,” he stated.

The newly-elected premier underlined the importance of establishing social peace to help solve the Libyan crisis. “We will form Libyan-led reconciliation committees to reconcile between the people, the tribes, and warring sects. These sects will meet and we will prepare a budget to heal the rift and bridge the gap this year.”

He added that the new government “will visit all Libyan cities whenever it is possible and the National Unity Government (NUG) will be a real government of national unity in Libya.”