Bushnaf Urges Benghazi Residents to Reject Violence


The Minister of Interior of Libya’s interim government, Ibrahim Bushnaf called on the security forces to do more, fight crime, and end the state of insecurity in the city.

“We must realize the danger threatening us, and I urge you not to leave Benghazi and not make it a safe haven for criminals,” Bushnaf said in a video clip.

“Your work to extend security is a jihad. Your people see you, and we are with you, in front of you, and around you. I invite our people in Benghazi to help their sons in the security services who are facing organized crime,” Bushnaf added.

“I call on the people of Benghazi to form a pressuring public opinion that rejects violence and condemns the targeting of security institutions. I also call for community security in which security work is integrated with civil work,” he stressed.