Head of Libya’s Presidential Council Arrives in Sebha


On Saturday, the Head of the Libyan Presidency Council, Mohammed Al-Mnifi, held talks with mayors of the southern Libyan municipalities to discuss ways of enhancing national security in the region.

During his visit to Libya’s southern city of Sebha, Al-Mnifi was accompanied by the members of the Presidency Council, Musa Al-Koni and Abdulla Al-Lafi.

The visit comes within the framework of Al-Mnifi’s goal of enhancing communication with a number of academic institutions and municipalities nationwide.

Earlier today, the Head of the Presidency Council held a meeting at Sebha University, in the presence of a number of teaching staff, experts, and mayors of municipalities in the southern region.

They discussed a number of issues, the most important of which is striving for a true and comprehensive national reconciliation, imposing the rule of law, and activating security agreements in a way that enhances national security.

He also pledged to reinforce the ceasefire, end all hostilities, and provide support for the unity of the military establishment. In addition, he pledged to form the National Reconciliation Commission, which will be tasked with organizing a framework for a “real national reconciliation between the Libyan people.