UNSMIL Addresses Parliamentary Session & Libyan Bribery Allegations


UNSMIL takes note of ongoing preparations to convene the Libyan Parliament in the city of Sirte, scheduled to be held on 8 March. Following consultations with international partners, UNSMIL and its partners strongly encourage the Parliament to meet as scheduled, in order to discuss and consider the vote of confidence to the Cabinet to be proposed by the Prime-Minister designate. It encourages the PM-designate to present the line-up of the government without further delay. This call comes in line with the increasing public demand for the urgent need to form a unified government, to address the most pressing needs and facilitate the holding of national elections in December 2021.

With regard to media reports circulated about allegations of bribery during the LPDF in Tunisia, citing a ‘UN expert panel report,’ UNSMIL reiterates that the Panel of Experts (PoE) is a separate entity, completely independent from UNSMIL. The PoE will provide its report to the Security Council Sanctions Committee. The Mission further stresses that it does not receive the reports of the PoE including its latest report, and it is therefore not in a position to comment on it. Any questions in this regard should be addressed to the Sanctions Committee.