Brother of Libya’s First COVID-19 Patient Uncovers Medical Negligence in Hospital


In a telephone interview with Libya Al-Ahrar TV channel, Salah Al-Gamal, the brother of the first patient to be diagnosed with Coronavirus in Libya, uncovered the extent of medical negligence impacting his brother in the hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

He said that his brother has been placed in a completely isolated room with no bathroom.

He noted that there is an oxygen tank inside the room, but no nurses come to oversee his brother’s health condition. In addition, the hospital does not provide bed linens or towels to patients.

According to Mr. Al-Gamal, his brother is receiving a death sentence due to total medical negligence.

He denounced the hospital’s medical staff for being unprepared in dealing with the patient. Moreover, Mr. Al-Gamal highlighted the severe lack of equipment in the hospital, despite currently having only one Covid-19 patient.