Libyan Parliament Opens the Door For “Sovereign Position” Candidates


On Sunday, Libyan Parliament Speaker Ageela Saleh issued a decision to form a committee comprising of six MPs, to open the door for candidacy to assume sovereign positions.

The committee consists of MPs, Ramadan Shambash, Abdel-Moneim Salem, Abdel-Salam Mohamed, Al-Hadi Ali Mohamed, Abdel-Moneim Saad, and Salem Masoud.

According to the decision, the committee shall “receive and sort CVs of the candidates and make sure that the candidates meet the required conditions to assume sovereign positions.”

The list of the candidates will then be presented to the Libyan Parliament for selection. Sources told ‘Al-Saaa 24 News’ that among the positions is the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), contrary to the current political agreement.