Libyan Army Commander Wanted by the ICC Assassinated in Benghazi


On Wednesday, unidentified gunmen in Benghazi shot dead Special Forces commander in the Libyan National Army (LNA), Mahmoud Al-Wirfalli.

According to sources, the LNA commander and two of his bodyguards were attacked outside the Arab Medical University Hospital. This comes amid growing friction between rival factions in eastern Libya, which could further degenerate into a series of retaliatory attacks.

The interim Government of National Unity (GNU) was sworn into office this month, taking over from the two rival administrations based in east and west. The eastern administration, backed for years by the LNA, handed over power to the GNU on Tuesday in Benghazi.

Besides the challenge of merging Libya’s divided state institutions and preparing for elections in December, the GNU must tackle a dire security situation across the country.

On Wednesday, UN Special Envoy Jan Kubis told the Security Council: “various armed groups continue to operate without hindrance, and human rights violations continue with almost total impunity.”