“Libyan MP: GNA will be Responsible if Coronavirus Spreads Across the Country”


Libyan Parliament Member, Mohamed Al Abani, claimed that the Government for National Accord (GNA) will be held responsible if the Coronavirus epidemic spreads across the country. He claims this is due to its use of foreign fighters brought in from Turkey, including Syrians to fight on its behalf.

“It should not be forgotten that these groups came to the country from areas with poor health and living conditions, before moving to Turkey that also suffers from Coronavirus,” Al Abani said in a statement to “Al Sharq Al Awsat” newspaper.

Pointing out that their movement in Libya is not limited, as they are not only in contact with leaders and elements of armed militias in the West, but frequent stores, restaurants and homes of citizens who have fled the fighting, which increases the chances of spreading the the virus.