Libyan Army Mourns Death of Former Air Defense Chief of Staff


The Libyan National Army (LNA) General Command mourned the former Chief of Staff of the Libyan Air Defense Force, Major General Jomaa Al-Abani, who passed away on Saturday evening due to an illness.

In a statement, the LNA General Command offered its deepest condolences to his family and employees of the armed forces. The General Command pointed out that Al-Abani was one of the experts among the officers of the armed forces.

The statement added that Al-Abani was known for his good character and conduct. He was one of the first to join the Dignity Revolution, rejecting hegemony and terrorism.

Al-Abani joined the Air Defense College in Pakistan in 1973 and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Military Sciences in 1976. He held most of the leadership positions in the Air Defense Pillar in Libya.

In the February 17 revolution, he suspended the instructions issued by Major General Al-Hadi Ambersh for the purpose of reaching the brigades of the opposition.

He deactivated the Spanish system inside the camp room so that the brigades of Ambersh on the fronts could not be informed about the NATO flights, in cooperation with the commander of a branch of the Mitiga Airbase and the Operations Division.

Al-Abani issued an order to all command and control rooms in the western region to evacuate their places during NATO bombing, to preserve the lives of those in these centres.