US Congress Close to Passing ‘Libya Stabilization Act’


The US Congress will discuss the “Libya Stabilization Act” submitted by Ted Deutch, the chairman of the US House North Africa and Middle East Sub-committee.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee passed the act without opposition last week. Deutch introduced the bill in October 2019.

Deutch said that Libya has increasingly endured foreign intervention in an escalating conflict that undermines US interests and regional stability, since April 2019. He added that the war has “threatened European security, destabilized Libya, and the Eastern Mediterranean more broadly, and exacerbated a humanitarian and migrant crisis,” Deutch’s office noted.

“The Libya Stabilization Act sanctions those who deploy mercenaries, support militias, violate the UN arms embargo, and commit human rights violations in Libya,” the congressman said, according to his office.

“The Libya Stabilization Act demonstrates congressional interest in ending foreign intervention and consolidating Libya’s political gains, both before and after the December elections, and removing foreign forces,” he concluded.