EU Reiterates Calls for a Humanitarian Truce in Libya to Contain COVID-19


On Saturday, the European Union (EU) reiterated calls for a humanitarian truce to stop the fighting in Libya, stressing that it is the only way to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

On March 28, Josep Borrell, the EU High Representative, issued a statement in which he urged Libyan parties to stop the fighting in Tripoli and throughout the country. Borrell asked the parties to the Libyan conflict to respect the ceasefire in order to protect the Libyan population and the most vulnerable groups in the country, including displaced Libyans, as well as migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Borrell also praised the important role of neighbouring countries and regional organisations in following up on the Berlin Process. According to Borrell, by doing so, these countries and organisations are asserting their full support for the active role of the United Nations and are highlighting the need to appoint a new special representative to Libya.