Libya Condemns Turkish Airstrikes on Food Trucks


The Libyan Interim Government (IG) has strongly condemned the bombing of the flour and foodstuff warehouse in the western mountains, and the targeting of a gasoline truck that was heading to the western regions of Libya on April 3, by a Turkish airstrike. Since last year, Turkey militarily supports the Government of National Accord (GNA) in its fight against the Libyan National Army (LNA) and the IG affiliated to it.

In its statement, the IG mentioned that those shipments were heading to the west and south of the country to cover the Libyan people’s basic needs, amid fears of the coronavirus spreading in the country.

There is no relationship between these trucks and ongoing military operations in those areas, the statement from the IG claimed.

The statement added that although the international community is currently busy with containing the coronavirus pandemic, it must pay attention to Libya, which suffers from the lack of implementation of resolutions from the United Nations Security Council, in addition to “terrorist acts” carried out by militias backed by foreign powers.

The IG made it clear in its statement that it would transport all required supplies to the Libyan people including food, medicine and oil to the west and south of the country which are regions which have been deprived of these goods.

“Each one must come face to face with its responsibilities, to ensure that this does not happen again so that our people in these areas are not exposed to more serious harm than the coronavirus pandemic, such as the intransigence of terrorist gangs.” the statement reported.

In this regard, the government assures that it will pay compensation for all those affected by these terrorist attacks, and hopes for everyone’s safety.

On Friday, April 3, a Turkish aircraft struck a flour and foodstuff warehouse, in the Western Mountains region. This comes at a time when the stockpiling of flour and foodstuffs is at an all-time high in the country, due to fears of a coronavirus epidemic. The Turkish airstrike destroyed a large number of supplies and wounded nine civilians working next to the warehouse.