Libyan Government Reveals Details on the Return of Stranded Libyans Abroad


On Sunday, the General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) and the Chairman of the Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus Abdelrazek Al-Nathouri revealed during a press conference in Benghazi that the Libyan government has coordinated with the authorities of neighbouring countries to return Libyans stranded abroad.

Al-Nathouri added that the stranded Libyans will be subjected to quarantine for 14 days, and the Libyan government will provide them with a place of residence under the supervision of the security services.

For his part, the Interior Minister of the eastern-based Interim Government Ibrahim Boushanaf said that all measures taken by the government to return the Libyans stranded abroad have been completed. He explained that these measures entail chartering planes, equipping health facilities and helping doctors as well as security devices to implement the quarantine. The first flights to repatriate Libyans may begin next week.

The Health Minister of the Interim Government, Saad Agoub, also said that 60 suspected cases of coronavirus had been detected in the eastern region of Libya but medical tests have showed that these suspected cases are completely free of the disease.

It should be noted that the Libyan National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) announced on Sunday that the number of people infected with coronavirus in Libya increased to 18, one of whom passed away.