Libyan Attorney General: Libya Requires Comprehensive Judicial Strategy Review


Libya’s Attorney General, Siddiq Al-Sour stressed that human rights, the rule of law, and transitional justice requires the implementation of a comprehensive transitional judicial strategy in which all parties contribute, including the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).

During his meeting with representatives of the main office of the United Nations, Al-Sour stressed that rule of law will only come with the involvement of the authorities concerned with the protection of rights and freedoms. He claimed that the judiciary was concerned with the rule of law, and the monitoring and protection of human rights in accordance with national and international legal obligations. This includes obligations relating to women and vulnerable groups such as children and the displaced.

The Attorney General pointed out the importance of providing assistance to the Libyan authorities with regard to the reform program for rehabilitation institutions, that would highlight the transparency of their work, and allow them to be held accountable.