SOHR: Turkey sends new wave of Syrian fighters to Libya


Sources from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) report that Turkey has sent a new wave of at least 150 fighters, belonging to the Sultan Murad faction, to western Libya.

Other groups, including around 300 fighters from the Sultan Murad, al-Mu’tasim and Al-Shamal Brigade factions arrived in Libya on Friday, April 10.

This raises the number of Syrian fighters who have arrived on Libyan territory to approximately 5,000. According to our sources, the number of recruits who are reportedly receiving training in Turkey amounts to approximately 1,950.

Meanwhile, the SOHR has documented the deaths of 17 more Syrian fighters during the past few days. This raises the death toll among pro-Turkish factions in Libya to 182.

On April 4, the SOHR had reported that the death toll of Syrian fighters in Libya was 165.

The Observatory added that the rising death toll coincides with “a growing discontent among the fighters and their desire to return.”