Libya’s GNA Rejects UN Statement over Water, Powers Cuts in Tripoli


On Saturday, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Muhammad al-Qiblawi, rejected the statement issued by the United Nations (UN) humanitarian coordinator for Libya regarding water and power cuts affecting Tripoli.

Al-Qiblawi expressed his ministry’s surprise at the UN’s statements since the beginning of the war on Tripoli, noting that the UN Mission in Libya insists on not identifying the perpetrators of actions his government deems criminal.

The spokesman also rejected the UN’s description of current water and power supply cuts happening in Tripoli as “individual acts”.

The spokesman indicated that describing these “crimes” as “individual acts” will clear the hands of all instigators and criminals and encourage them to commit even more “crimes”.

Al-Qiblawi confirmed that the GNA foreign ministry has documented all these “crimes” and will refer them to relevant authorities and international as well as legal organisations.

It is noteworthy that the UN has condemned the cutting off of water supply to the capital Tripoli over the past week as “particularly reprehensible” and said it must stop immediately.

An armed group on Monday stormed a control station at Shwerif, stopping water from being pumped and threatening workers at the Great Man-Made River Project which supplies water to much of Libya.

The supply of water has been cut to more than two million people in Tripoli and nearby towns.