300 Libyans Stuck at Ras Jedir Crossing Facing Hunger


At least 300 Libyan truck drivers, who are currently stuck on the Tunisian side of the Ras Jedir border crossing are living in harsh conditions due to the Libyan authorities’ decision to close the borders over fears of a Covid-19 outbreak.

According to a Tunisian website, the stranded Libyans demanded the Tunisian and Libyan authorities to resolve their predicament. The drivers added that the goods they were transporting would be damaged by the delay.

The website added that the stranded Libyans are faced with hunger and dehydration as they have run out of money.

The latter is not the only case of human suffering as a result of recent measures to close borders into Libya. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Saturday that 280 migrants were stranded in a ship belonging to the Coast Guard of the Government of National Accord (GNA). The Libyan authorities have banned those migrants from disembarking in the capital, Tripoli.