Libyan Oil Losses Surpass $4 Billion


Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC), stated that the cumulative losses in oil production amounted to over $4 billion, or 90 million barrels.

The blockade comes amid continued fighting between General Khalifa Haftar’s, Libyan National Army, which is loyal to the eastern based Interim Government, and forces loyal to the Government of National Accord in Tripoli.

A bulletin published by the NOC, claimed the blockade, which began on January 18 amounts to a daily production loss of approximately 1,139,000 barrels per day. Regarding the availability of fuel in different cities across Libya, the bulletin showed that gasoline supplies were available in Benghazi for six days, diesel for three days and gas for nineteen days.

In the city of Tobruk, no gasoline or gas supplies were available, but a 12 day supply of diesel remained. In Sebha, there is no supply of fuels whatsoever. The capital Tripoli, suffers from a lack of gasoline and diesel, while gas is available for three days.