Libya’s Foreign Ministry: International Community’s is Responsible for Turkey’s Crimes in Libya


The Foreign Ministry of the Eastern based Interim Government issued a statement, claiming that the Government of National Accord (GNA) was using hundreds of foreign fighters, supplied by Turkey, in breach of the ceasefire, in its recent attacks.

The statement added that forces aligned to the GNA, committed hideous crimes in cities along the Western Coast, killing civilians, torching buildings and displacing civilians.

“Libyan people will never forget the inaction of the world and it’s international organisations. Especially the UN, which always rushed with urgent statements of condemnation towards the Libyan National Army, and here it is today, turning a blind eye to these hideous massacres against our people.” the Ministry said.

The Ministry stated that all countries of the world, as well as regional and international organizations bear the full responsibility of the Libyan people’s suffering, due to what it called the ‘Turkish Invasion’. It demanded that the GNA’s attack be condemned and its international recognition be withdrawn.

It concluded, that the war in Libya would end once these armed groups were defeated and a lawful state was established.