EU Parliament Member Says Turkey Continues to Send Weapons and Fighters to Libya


A Member of Parliament of the Czech Republic, Evan David, confirmed on Saturday that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to send weapons and fighters to Libya, as well as letting migrants into the European Union despite international opposition to his policies.

“Despite an obligatory United Nations Security Council ban on exporting weapons to Libya, Turkish ships were arrested while illegally smuggling heavy weapons to Libya,” he said.

David indicated that Turkey is taking advantage of the European Union ships to rescue the migrants Erdogan allows to pass into Greece and that the Turkish president continues to send cargo ships carrying thousands of fighters from Syria and Turkish soldiers to Libya to fight alongside armed groups linked to the Government of National Accord.

He called for the United Nations to specifically monitor Turkish ships and aircrafts because the MP believes that no other country violates the United Nations embargo on arms transfers to Libya.