Turkey Violates Libyan and Greek Airspace


A number of Turkish warplanes were intercepted by Greek fighter jets after violating Greek and Libyan airspace over the past two days.

The Turkish F-16’s entered Greek airspace flying over Farmakonisi, Lipsi, Arkios, Grylousa, Anthropofagoi, Fourni, and Chios, according to Infognomon.

The General Staff of the Greek National Defense Force confirmed that the Turkish Air Force violated Libyan airspace over the Mediterranean Sea on Friday, April 17. According to Greek media, at least sixteen Turkish F-16’s entered Libyan airspace during a mission in the central Mediterranean.

These violations are linked to two MoUs signed by the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord and Turkey in December 2019 on cooperation in defense and gas drilling in the Mediterranean basin.