On Libya’s 70th Independence Day, Crown Prince Calls for Unity


Libya’s Crown Prince, Mohamed El‑Senussi called for the need to avoid division and conflict, and stressed his full conviction that “there is no success for any treatments – even if there is consensus around them – that do not take the constitution and the law as their basis.”

In a speech on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Libya’s independence, El‑Senussi discussed Libya’s history. “Over the past decades, we have preserved the will of our fathers and grandfathers, and the trust they gave us, that the constitutional monarchy in the future, as it was in its first era, be an umbrella for all Libyans, and that this desired state provides a space for both agreements disagreements that leads to growth and not divisions and fighting.”

In his video message, he pointed out that 24 December 1951 was, “the most prominent event and milestone in the history of a people whose sons struggled for freedom, pride, and independence.”

El‑Senussi added: “Thanks to this struggle, which we celebrate today, the 70th anniversary of its victory and its coronation, our country was able to take its first steps towards building a state of law and institutions under the umbrella of a national constitution that we are proud of. Through it, we were able to establish a democratic state that hopes to realize the aspirations of its people for the sake of a just and equal society.”

“During the past decade, we have observed the terrible events and developments that our country has experienced, both internally and externally. Wasted capabilities, looting of wealth, destruction of property, displacement of families, and the wasting of lives were the most prominent,” he claimed.

El‑Senussi indicated that during this period, he was keen to “stay away from the circle of contestants over power and money,” but at the same time, he showed “welcome to every call for peacekeeping and every opportunity for dialogue. As well as encouraging every initiative that protects the country from the evil of fighting and strife, and preserves its unity.”

He noted that he is “confident that Libya’s wealth and blessings will guarantee prosperity and development for our future generations, if we are able today to heal our pain and forgive each other.”