Tarhuna Mourns death of a Family killed by GNA Forces


The Social Tribal Council of Tarhuna, mourned the death of, Sheikh Al-Abed Mohamed Al-Hadi, and his sons, who have been killed by forces aligned to the Government of National Accord (GNA).

This comes as images of what the GNA’s media office claimed to be combatants being arrested circulated on social media, just to later be revealed to be ordinary citizens.

The Council claimed in a statement, that the international community was to be held responsible for these deaths, as they “legitimise a powerless and hostile government” that relies on “militias”.

“What the [GNA] militia’s have committed against civilians in Tarhuna, including killing, displacement, robbery, and arrest, are undoubtedly considered war crimes”, the statement added.
Speaking to Libya Review, an Elder at the Council stated that “the GNA is targeting anyone that is from the Tarhuna tribe” claiming that regular civilians have been subjected to mistreatment based on their identities alone.

The statement went on to condemn the role of Turkey in the conflict adding that “Turkey’s aggression against Libya’s people, and the sovereignty of the country’s sea, land and air borders is prohibited by international law”.

According to sources within Tarhuna, Turkish UAV’s have conducted a series of airstrikes targeting the delivery of food supplies, public infrastructure and civilian homes”.

The Council called on all human rights organisations “to condemn Turkey, and referring its crimes in Tarhuna to the International Criminal Court (ICC)”.