Two Libyan Doctors Die Fighting COVID-19 in the UK


Two Libyan doctors have died from COVID-19 in the UK after contracting the virus while treating infected patients, according to a Libyan Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohamed Al-Qiblawi.

The Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of Dr. Yunus Ramadan Al-Tenaz, who was the chief health inspector at Haringey Municipal Council, in north London, and an advisor to the director of the Islamic Cultural Center.

Al-Tenaz was considered the most prominent muslim health expert in London. He had won the Achievement Award by the Arab Group for being the best Arab scientist living in the West, according to Al-Qiblawi.

A spokesman for the Libyan Embassy in London said that the Embassy was communicating with the family of Dr. Al-Tenaz in order to provide any assistance they might need.

Dr. Al-Tenaz is the second Libyan doctor who has died in the UK due to COVID-19. The Libyan community in Britain had previously lost Dr. Al-Sadiq Al-Hosh, who worked in a hospital in northern Wales.

The British Ambassador to Libya, Nicholas Hopton, offered his condolences to the families over their deaths.