Borell: Conflict In Libya Threatens EU Interests


The High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, called on all parties to work towards a ceasefire agreement in Libya, and return to the political peace process. He describes the situation as a “war of attrition” that might threaten the Berlin process, UN efforts, and the interests of international players, including the EU.

In an article published on the ‘Bruxelles2’ website, Borrell stated that all those who want peace in Libya should support the EU’s “IRINI” operation, that aims to monitor the implementation of the UN arms embargo on Libya, pointing out that the operation does not yet have sufficient means to start its work, despite its official launch early this month.

“Confronted with this situation, the European Union has understood it needs to assume greater responsibility to address the Libyan crisis,” Borrell added, stressing “An effective ceasefire is required for the start of political talks, and the launch of a national reconciliation process among the rival Libyan groups. Stopping the flow of arms, and military assistance to Libya should change the strategic calculus of the parties, and diminish the viability of any military solution,”