Putin and Merkel Discuss Libya and Syria


Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the latest developments of the crises in Syria and Libya in a phone call on Wednesday.

The two leaders stressed the importance of coordinating international efforts to combat the COVID-19 threat together with the World Health Organization (WHO), according to a statement issued by the Kremlin.

“The issues related to developments in Syria and Libya, as well as the current situation in the world oil market, were discussed,” said the statement.

The spokesman for the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, announced earlier that preparations for the P5 summit of the Security Council were underway and that a formula for a possible joint statement would be agreed upon.

“This initiative is proposed by French President Macron, as he proposed it over a video conference with President Vladimir Putin,” Peskov told reporters. He added that “diplomats from all countries are now working on a video summit, and a joint document is being prepared.”