SOHR Reports More Syrian Fighters En Route to Libya


According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), Turkish intelligence has begun transferring contingents of Turkish-affiliated fighters from the Syrian Tal Abyad region towards Turkish territory, in preparation for their transfer to Libya.

SOHR sources informed Libya Review that Turkish intelligence services requested lists of fighters from the leaders of Syrian armed groups to find out how many were willing to be sent to Libya. According to reports, several factions submitted lists that exceeded 2200 names.

SOHR also reported that, according to its sources, the Faylaq Al-Rahman faction from the Syrian Ghouta and Homs areas was denied financial and military support after its leaders failed to submit a list of fighters who could be sent to Libya in support of the Government for National Accord (GNA).

Faylaq Al-Rahman was one of the largest groups operating around the Syrian capital, Damascus, and has become infamous for its radical views.

The SOHR noted that a few former Faylaq Al-Rahman militants went to fight for the GNA in Libya, despite the rejection of their commanders.