Libya’s Council of Tribes Denounces Targeting Civilians with Missiles


On Saturday, the Libyan Tribal Council of Sheikhs and Dignitaries in Tarhuna condemned the shelling of the city with missiles by forces aligned with the Government of National Accord (GNA), which destroyed homes and killed civilians.

In a statement, the Council stressed that Turkey is fighting publicly against the Libyan National Army (LNA) amidst international and Arab silence. The statement also said that Tarhuna has been suffering from power outages and lack of fuel, food staples, water and medicine supplies for more than two weeks.

Tribal leaders also expressed their support for the LNA in its fight against the armed militias affiliated to the Tripoli-based GNA.

The Council said it regretted the deterioration of Libya’s economy, which greatly affects its citizens, and reiterated that a political solution to the conflict was not viable.

It stressed the urgent need to find a practical solution to fix the nation with the aid of tribes, civil society and governmental institutions.

Earlier on Saturday, LNA spokesman Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari announced that the GNA had bombed Tarhuna with more than 20 missiles.