Tobruk Municipality to Receive Libyans Stranded in Egypt


On Saturday, the Head of Tobruk’s Municipal Council, Faraj Abul-Khattabiya announced that the Libyan government will receive Libyans stranded in Egypt and place them in specific hotels to undergo quarantine.

Abul-Khattabiya added that the citizens of Tobruk stranded in Egypt will be placed in the Dar el-Salaam, Bab Tobruk and Zain hotels in addition to the citizens of the municipalities of Musaid and a Bi’r al Ashhab.

In a statement, he thanked all the concerned authorities which cooperated to solve the problem of Libyans stranded in Egypt, calling on the families of the stranded citizens to cooperate with the security personnel.

The Head of Tobruk’s Municipal Council also called on the population to avoid contact with them to make sure they are free from any diseases.

On April 13, the Libyan Embassy in Cairo had urged those wishing to return to Libya to contact an Embassy official or register on the Embassy’s website:

This comes after the Government of National Accord (GNA) announced mandatory quarantine centres to be set up in Tunisia, Egypt, and Turkey for Libyan nationals wishing to return home.