Libya’s Police Seizes Huge Haul of Hashish at Bouhdima District


On Sunday, the Al-Najda Police Station, affiliated with the Benghazi Security Directorate, managed to seize a huge haul of hashish, a type of illegal narcotic, at Bouhdima district.

In a statement, the directorate’s media office said that Libyan anti-drug police forces raided the drug traffickers and seized a huge quantity of hashish. This operation was based on solid intelligence that drug traffickers were distributing hashish in a hideout at Bouhdima area.

It added that one drug trafficker ran away during the shootout but was identified and will be arrested in the near future, with all legal measure taken against him.

The media office also precised that this operation is the result of the Benghazi police directorate’s continuous efforts to combat crime in all its forms, particularly illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs.