European Parliament Calls to Halt Funding to Libyan Coastguard


On Tuesday, a unanimous call was made by European Parliament (EP) members to have the EU halt funding to the Libyan Department of Immigration and its Coastguard. This is in light of the continuous human rights violations against migrants and asylum seekers.

The Parliament members claimed that Libya was not a safe option for rescued migrants to be returned to and demanded an end to the cooperation with the coastguard.

The challenges faced by Italy and Malta were recognized by the Liberties Committee as they currently receive the majority of migrants fleeing Libya.

The Committee stressed that the current european asylum system needed amendment, with a focus on member states solidarity and a respect for international legislation. Other deputies indicated that member states have the right to protect their borders, especially amid the global COVID-19 crisis. Calls to close ports due to the virus were criticized and that allowing people to drown was not a solution.