Libya’s GECOL Reopens Gas Pipeline in Sidi Al-Sayeh


The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) announced on Wednesday that it had reopened the Sidi Al-Sayeh gas pipeline, which feeds power generation units in western Libya.

In a statement, GECOL said that the reopening of the gas pipeline will save approximately 200 million cubic feet of gas per day for the cement and power plants in the cities of Misrata and Al-Khums.

“The reopening of the gas pipeline will help stabilize the power network and feed power generation units in all areas.” GECOL added.

The pipeline was illegally shutdown on April 9, prompting GECOL and its affiliated Brega Petroleum Marketing Company to import diesel from abroad.

GECOL’s Board of Directors thanked all those who participated in the reopening of the vital Sidi Al-Sayeh gas pipeline.