Sudan Denies Reports of Emirati Plane Transferring Soldiers to Libya


On Thursday, the Sudanese army denied reports that an Emirati plane arrived in Sudan to transfer soldiers to support one of the parties to the conflict in Libya.

A statement by the spokesman for the Sudanese army, Amer Mohamed el-Hassan, said that Al-Jazeera News Channel had broadcast false information and had misled local, regional and international public opinion to question the credibility of Sudan’s leadership and its neutral role towards the conflict in Libya.

According to the statement, the Emirati plane that landed in Khartoum was transporting a shipment of humanitarian aid from the United Arab Emirates in light of the holy month of Ramadan.

The plane contained medical equipment and supplies, and was received by the Emirati Ambassador in Khartoum with an official reception committee from the Sudanese government.

The Sudanese army’s statement categorically denied that the plane carried Sudanese soldiers to support one of the warring Libyan factions.

The statement said that legal measures would be taken against Al-Jazeera news channel.