First Libyans Stranded in Turkey Set to Return


The Libyan Consul in Turkey, Fathi Al-Sharif, stated that the first batch of Libyan nationals stranded in Turkey would be returned to Libya’s Mitiga International Airport starting on May 5, 2020.

He added that the total number of Libyans stranded in Turkey is estimated at 5,500 citizens. 3,500 of them are currently undergoing mandatory quarantine in hotels in preparation for their return.

The ‘Supreme Committee To Combat Coronavirus’ had previously set April 20 as the starting date of medical tests for Libyans stranded in Tunisia, Turkey, and Egypt.

The Libyan Consulate in Istanbul claimed that 600 tests will be conducted daily, with those tested being kept in a hotel for 24 hours until their results are available.

The Consulate added that if the results were negative, they would be returned to the same hotel and kept there for 14 days mandatory quarantine. Those who tested positive for COVID-19 would be sent to separate accommodation assigned for quarantining COVID-19 patients, or to the hospital if necessary.