Libyan PM Al-Thani Says Benghazi Quarantine Centers Are Operational


The Prime Minister of the Interim Government, Abdullah Al-Thani, said that quarantine centers in the city of Benghazi were fully operational and were ready to receive citizens returning to Libya from abroad.

During a meeting with Saqr Bujwari, the Chairman of Benghazi’s Steering Committee, Al-Thani reviewed the mechanisms of a second sterilization campaign in Benghazi as part of precautionary measures to confront the spread the virus. Al-Thani also discussed the Committee’s progress on its various projects, such as the maintenance of the city’s main bridge and public cleanliness campaigns.

The ‘Supreme Committee To Combat Coronavirus’ in Sirte brought up the issue of its residents that were stranded in Egypt, currently estimated to be around 200 people. The Committee stated that it was in the process of arranging suitable quarantine facilities for them in eastern Libya, as Sirte lacked the capacity to host them for the two week period.