HoR’s Aqila Saleh Welcomes the Importance of Constructive Engagement between Libya and the US


Libyan Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh has welcomed, during a phone call with US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland on Sunday, the importance of shared and constructive engagement between Libya and the US.

Additionally, the Libyan Parliament Speaker said that the US ambassador affirmed during a phone call held on last Thursday, April 28, the importance of respect for democratic processes and the importance of continuing negotiations facilitated by the UN mission to Libya.

They also discussed the Berlin Conference and the need for all participants to live up to their commitment not to interfere militarily in Libya.

Norland highlighted the importance of counter-terrorism and the risk that continued conflict will open space for terrorist elements to regroup across the country.

The Speaker of Parliament stressed that the humanitarian truce agreed by the Libyan National Army (LNA) for the holy month of Ramadan was violated by the other side, that is the Government of National Accord (GNA). According to Saleh, this is not the first time the GNA violates a truce. The Parliament Speaker also stressed his firm support for the LNA forces in “their war against terrorism and mercenaries”.

Saleh also welcomed the efforts of the international community to end the Libyan crisis, provided it respects the will of the Libyan people.

Saleh advanced over a week ago a political solution to the Libyan crisis that consists in establishing a new Presidential Council and appointing a Prime Minister.

The statement led to divisions in eastern Libya after it was welcomed by the United Nations Special Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the US Embassy, suggesting that the Parliament Speaker had deviated from the LNA’s pursuit of a military victory in western Libya.