Libya Takes all Necessary Precautions with Repatriated Citizens


The Libyan National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has taken all precautions necessary for returning stranded nationals abroad, its Director said on Tuesday.

In a statement, Badr al-Din al-Najjar, the NCDC’s Director, said that the decision to repatriate stranded Libyans abroad comes after extensive planning to ensure the well being of the public health while simultaneously managing to bring Libyans back home.

Al-Najjar added that the center has taken all its technical health measures for the return of the stranded in consultation with the Scientific Consultative Committee in Western Libya and the Supreme Committee to Confront the Coronavirus in Eastern Libya.

He pointed out that the center prepared an instruction manual for air crews in coordination with the Ministry of Transportation to protect all personal during return flights and to explain to them how to deal with citizens and how to deal with the sterilisation of the plane among other practices.

The director of the center confirmed that those who will return to Libya are those who were subjected to quarantine and were under the supervision of consulates and embassies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.