US Dollar Remains Stable Against Libyan Dinar


The exchange rate for the US dollar on the Libyan black market varied during Tuesday’s transactions, reaching 6.280 Libyan dinars (LYD), with the Euro rising to 6.80 LYD.

The exchange rates of a number of Arab and neighboring currencies remained relatively stable in the black market due to the nationwide curfew imposed over fears of COVID-19.

The current exchange rates for these currencies is reported below.

Pound Sterling = 7.75 LYD
Turkish Lira = 0.900 LYD
Tunisian Dinar = 2.217 LYD
Egyptian Pound = 0.41 LYD
Jordanian Pound = 8.85 LYD

The ongoing oil blockade, coupled with foreign interference and the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic, have all served to prolong the conflict in Libya.

These factors have severely undermined the country’s fiscal revenue and economic growth.