Tunisia’s Ambassador To UN Says Libya’s Unity Is a Priority


Qais Qebatni, Tunisia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, emphasized that the unity and stability of Libya was a priority for the Tunisian government.

Qebatni stressed the necessity to end the Libyan crisis by creating a consensual political solution under the auspices of the United Nations.

This would guarantee the unity of Libya, as well as the security and stability of its people.

The Ambassador noted that the situation in Libya was volatile, and that the ongoing conflict in the country required renewed calls to respect the legitimacy and will of the Libyan people in choosing their future leaders.

The envoy also rejected all forms of foreign interference in the country.

He also pointed out the need to abide by the relevant Security Council resolutions, especially Resolution 2259 of 2015, which defined the internationally recognized state institutions, expressing Tunisia’s commitment to this legal reference.

President Qais Saied of Tunisia previously stated that Tunisia was the country most affected by the situation in Libya, and that the international community should also take into account the damage that has been inflicted on Tunisia and its economy.