SOHR Says Death Toll of Syrian Fighters in Libya Rises to 268


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) announced on Saturday that the death toll of Syrian mercenaries fighting in Libya has risen to 268, with seven confirmed deaths in the past few days.

The bulk of Syrian casualties are from the following factions: al-Mu’tasim Division, Sultan Murad, Suqur Al-Shamal Brigade, Al-Hamzat, and Suleiman Shah.

The casualties were a result of clashes on the frontlines of Salah Al-Din in the south of Tripoli, Al-Ramlah near Tripoli Airport, Al-Hadabah Project area, Misrata, and other areas in Libya.

SOHR has been steadfast in its monitoring of Syrian fighters deployed by Turkey to fight in the Libyan conflict in support of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

SOHR sources have confirmed that most of the Syrian factions were unwilling to send fighters to Libya following reports of the strenuous conditions fighters were being faced with in western Libya.

The sources added that one of the reasons for the refusal of Syrian factions to send more fighters is Turkey’s failure to fulfill its financial promises.

According to reports, the factions that have refused to enlist their fighters for transfers to Turkey and Libya have had their funds suspended by Turkey in an attempt to pressure them to send more fighters to Libya.

According to SOHR statistics, the number of Syrian recruits who have flown to Libya so far has reached approximately 8,000, including a group of non-Syrians.

Statistics also show that the number of Syrians receiving training in Turkish military camps is about 3,100.