Al-Gomati: “We have hundreds of Turkish officers in Tripoli. If they are targeted, Haftar will become a target”


Jumaa Al-Gomati, the Head of the ‘Change Party’, and Special Envoy to the Maghreb states for the Government of National Accord stated “It is no secret, we have hundreds of Turkish army officers in Tripoli, to implement the security agreement signed between the Presidential Council, and Turkey. There is coordination in training, and if Turkey considers that Haftar is targeting its forces, then he will become a legitimate target. Turkey is a strong country, and has a strong army, and therefore its response will be strong”

Al-Gomati added in a televised interview with ‘Al-Ahrar’ TV that “the heroes of the ‘Volcano of Anger’ operation are gaining ground every day, but on the political, diplomatic, legal and legal levels, the matter needs greater efforts, especially in countries like France, Russia, and Germany.”

“Haftar committed the most heinous war crimes in the modern era, but nevertheless the International Criminal Court has not charged him with war crimes. Reports were prepared to be delivered to the International Criminal Court, but did not arrive. We must provide a legal and diplomatic performance that suits the efforts of the revolutionaries on the ground” he claimed.