Italy’s Parliament Speaker Calls For Unity in Libya


On Tuesday, the President of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, called on the parties to the Libyan conflict to announce a ceasefire and respect the territorial integrity of Libya.

In media statements, Fico claimed that Italy has an important role in establishing peace in Libya and that all European countries needed to unite their efforts to bring an end to the Libyan crisis.

He added that the stability of the Mediterranean region relied on achieving stability in Libya.

Fico underlined the importance of bringing an end to foreign interference in Libya, which has continued to fuel the conflict. He claimed that the Berlin Conference was an important step towards achieving peace and that a follow up video conference was going to be held on Wednesday.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio stated that the arms flow to Libya should stop with the start of the European Union’s Operation ‘IRINI’ to monitor and enforce the arms embargo in the Mediterannean.

Di Maio called for all parties to the Libyan conflict to commit to a humanitarian truce and a political process in Libya, as per the Berlin Conference. The Italian Foreign Minister said that Rome was ready to host the next follow-up meeting to help resolve the Libyan conflict.