Germany Expresses Concerns Over Military Escalation In Libya


The German Foreign Ministry expressed its concerns over the recent military escalation in Libya.
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the goal of the international community was to achieve a long-term truce in Libya and a political settlement to end the conflict.

Maas’ statements follow discussions with his French and Italian counterparts, and the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief. He added that Germany strongly condemns the recent attacks on Tripoli and its airport, in addition to the increasing number of civilian casualties.

“A truce, a political solution including all segments in the country and the protection of Libya’s territorial integrity are the main targets to achieve,” he added.

Maas explained that the parties to the conflict wrongly still believed that they could achieve a military victory in the conflict.

He pointed out that continuous foreign interference had worsened the situation, with foreign backers providing arms and fighters to both sides of the conflict.

The Foreign Minister expressed his belief that the EU’s Operation ‘IRINI’ would significantly contribute to the implementation of the UN arms embargo and bring an end to the supply of weapons to the country.

Maas stressed the need to implement the decisions agreed upon at the Berlin Conference, adding that the goal of a firm truce and political settlement that preserved Libya’s unity remained central to the process.

Meanwhile, the ‘International Follow-Up Committee On Libya (IFCL) formed after the Berlin Conference held its third meeting on Wednesday. Members of the IFCL agreed to begin working effectively to monitor the Libyan situation.

Maas called for the swift appointment of a new UN Special Envoy to Libya, appealing to all those involved in the peace process to abide by the promises made during the Berlin Conference.